Become a partner

A joint cooperation brings added value to both sides, the company and the students


  • Can provide customized training programmes/projects to comply with recruitment requirements in countries or areas of interest
  • Can offer internships / MSc. thesis
  • Can hire an operational food engineer with international experience in its home country
  • benefit from a well-trained student in at least three different universities and with excellent english language skills
  • Allows to inculcate the company culture in future collaborators abroad
  • Facilitates the international development


  • Benefits from practical work experience.
  • Apply theoretical skills in daily working life during junior/senior projects, internships or employment.
  • Network of attractive international companies.
  • Possibility to start professional career in an international well-known corporation.

To become a FIPDes partner, please contact the FIPDes Secretary:

Dr. Barbara Rega
Department: Science and Engineering for Food and Bioproducts
AgroParisTech, Massy Center
1, av. des Olympiades,
91744 Massy cedex, France

More information in our FIPDes Brochures

pdf version of the brochures:

Industrial Partnership 2021
FIPDes Brochure

- Updated March 2021 -