Industry Contribution

FIPDes is supported by an international network of more than 20 strategic partners from academic, research and industrial bodies.

They act in training, promoting, sponsoring and advisory activities to make FIPDes a professional training programme adapted to today’s and tomorrow’s market needs.

Industrial partners are deeply involved in FIPDes as they can:

  • Hire operational talents at global scale with a unique profile and international experience.
  • Cooperate in various ways with the outstanding FIPDes programme during Junior projects, Master thesis, trainings, internships and the FIPDes Day.
  • Benefit from students trained in at least three outstanding EU universities and with excellent technical, English communication and soft skills.
  • Create customized training to comply with recruitment requirements in countries or zones of interest.
  • Benefit from technological transfer and forefront innovation projects.
  • Sponsor FIPDes and benefit of an increased visibility in more than 100 countries.

Industrial partners contribute to the FIPDes programme in various ways:

  • Training activities and employability issues:
    • Organise visits & on-site trainings
    • Participate in the course design and summer school events, giving lectures/case studies, e.g. Junior project: students are divided into smaller groups and are given topics by the industry, coupled to a current issue within the food area. They make the experiments within the academic institutions or in the companies’ own labs, supervised by people from both the academia and the industry. FIPDes Junior Project brochure
      FIPDes Junior Project brochure
    • Attend/organise seminars about socio-economic issues, career possibilities, valorisation and transfer of knowledge & skills, intellectual properties issues
    • Welcome students for their master thesis internship or summer internship
  • Sustainability of the programme
    • Fund scholarships for students
    • Support scholarships for invited professors
    • Sponsor summer school or scientific workshops
  • Dissemination of the programme
    • Promote the FIPDes programme
    • Disseminate job offers inside the FIPDes student network and FIPDA (FIPDes Alumni Association)
  • Course assessment
    • Participate to the FIPDes Advisory board and give inputs to the teaching programme
    • Contribute to the Quality assessment of FIPDes
  • Participation in the FIPDes Day’:
    • key note speech
    • stand for ’job dating’ with the students (stand for companies who wants to meet our students: ’career info point’, networking, CV, etc)
    • sponsor the best poster award and the best flash presentation including participation to the jury
    • awarding of price and possibility of presenting your company

More information in our FIPDes Brochures

pdf version of the brochures:

Industrial Partnership 2022
FIPDes Brochure

students during their Master Thesis

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