FIPDes Day 2016

New horizons for interdisciplinary food challenges

International Talents in Food Innovation and Product Design:

>> New horizons for interdisciplinary food challenges <<

Thursday 8th September 2016 in Paris, France.

The FIPDes Day is an international seminar on the cutting-edge topics in the fields of Food Innovation and Product Design in the frame of the Erasmus Mundus Master FIPDes.

The programme includes lectures by renowned key speakers, flash presentations by MSc. students, Poster sessions and exhibitions of concepts by the students.

The Poster & Networking buffet will be the ideal moment to grab the opportunity to meet, exchange and develop collaborations within a truly multidisciplinary and multicultural environment.

Download here the FIPDes Book of executive summaries 2016.

“A big thank you to the FIPDes team for including us again this year to this amazing event.
More particularly I would like to thank the organising team who made this day unique. I was also impressed by the maturity, the entrepreneurship and the motivation of the students who were very serious and professional during this event. It will be a pleasure to be there again next year and to strengthen our partnership!”

Céline Kona Boun, Lesaffre

“FIPDes week for me a nice experience. Meeting all the professors from all universities was an honor. On the first two days we were given a presentation from the professors on the overall course of the programme, which I find the information to be very helpful and informative for choosing my second year path. Then the team building and interculturality was entertaining, getting to know more about my friends, getting some guidance and help from the previous cohort.
On Wednesday, we had a workshop on interculturality which I didn’t expect to enjoy ; however, the two professors leading the workshop was so kind, caring and understanding of our situation, being far away from you home country, that I think the workshop is one of the best part of the week! The afternoon Danone visit was also very fascinating even if we couldn’t see their innovative laboratory this day. Then the most important day, the FIPDes day, a lot of networking with industrial partners, friends and professors, gaining new information from the graduating cohort master thesis and meeting the alumni. Networking with graduating cohort was something I enjoyed since they have had all the experience during their two years of FIPDes. Everyone there was so nice and kind to share their experience with me.
Meeting with industrial partners was also and eye opening experience, I get to learn a lot about the job opportunities after graduating. Also, not to forget the food I had on FIPDes day was delicious! Over all it was nice to have FIPDes week, a week to get to meet your friends, professor and industrial partners, gain better insight of the programme before starting classes.”

Ramida Yuvacharaskul (new FIPDes student)

‘I can definitely and proudly mention, FIPDes week was the best productive and enjoying one for me. 21 students from four sides of the world had the opportunity to listen to the best lecturer’s, food company representatives and many professionals in Food Innovation sphere, moreover to have a lot of opportunities of networking and discussions with them. During the week we had a great pleasure to enjoy the FIPDes day: be present at the previous cohort master thesis flash presentations, be introduced about their discoveries in Food challenging world. Additionally, we had a chance to visit DANONE R&D and be introduced about it’s main activities, internship and work opportunities, and what is more vital to start our academic year with wider pattern about food industry via the practical angel view. Finally, the FIPDes week ended with the most pleased and fantastic Graduation ceremony which inspires all of us Cohort 6 students to walk in the FIPDes with concrete steps!!!!’

Taguhi Harutyunyan (new FIPDes student)

Thanks to our partners Danone, Lesaffre and Bel for the job dating and the presents for the students!

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