Graduation 2019

Congratulations to Cohort 7!

The 25 students of FIPDes Cohort 7 received their diploma at the Fondation Biermans-Lapôtre (Belgium house) in the Cité Universitaire in Paris.
On this occasion, FIPDes was honoured to have the following guests as speakers:
Diane Miller, Director of Fondation Biermans-Lapôtre
Gilles Trystram, General Director of AgroParisTech
Emilia Gatto, General Consul of Italy in France
Liam O’Flaherty, Cultural Attaché - Embassy of Ireland in France

Watch the whole graduation ceremony

Student Testimonial from Fernando GUARDIOLA

I´m Fernando from Monterrey, México and I´ve done my second-year track in Lund University. FIPDes has been a comprehensive food and innovation master that leads to a specialization on the second year for either Food Design & Engineering (Paris), Food Packaging Design & Logistics (Lund) or Healthy Food Design (Naples).

For me FIPDes has the perfect blend of academic excellence, high collaboration with industrial partners and an amazing multicultural student atmosphere. I highly praise these three aspects since I think they are essential to form internationally competitive professionals. Academic excellence, allows student to pursue a researcher career path, be it right after finishing the master or in a proximate future. High collaboration with industrial partners allows students to find a relevant topic for the master thesis and/or develop a professional career in the industry. Amazing multicultural student atmosphere... It´s about 19 nationalities in the cohort which exposes all students to challenging cultural experiences which I believe build empathy, tolerance and sensibility towards others, plus builds a holistic professional that is able to work in almost any part of the world.

Additionally, it exposes students to challenging mobility circumstances, which build your independence, character, self-motivation and organization. Also, the cohort is exposed to up to 3 different educational systems. I believe this creates a benchmark of best practices and can help you apply the best practices to your academic and professional life.

For me FIPDes is a life-changing master. It exposes you to many challenges that lead you to opportunities you would´ve never think of before. So, if you´re looking for a comprehensive and challenging innovation master in the food industry, don’t hesitate and apply!

Student Testimonial from Puja RAUNIYAR

I am Puja Rauniyar and I come from the land of Himalayas, Nepal. I joined the wonderful FIPDes family in September 2017. After completing my first year in France and Ireland, I chose to specialize in the area of Healthy Food Design for M2 track from Università Degli Studi di Napoli Federico II in Naples, Italy.

Italy semester started with a warm and pleasant welcome from the city of Naples. The lovely weather, sunny beach, kind and friendly people and amazingly tasty food made our Italy semester mind-blowing. Our professors were highly qualified and had deep knowledge in their field of expertise. Everything was just perfect and days past soon.
I did my thesis project in collaboration with a company called “Danone Nutricia Research” in Utrecht, Netherlands. My project mainly focused on “Selection and validation of Physico-chemical methods to assess heat stability of liquid infant milk formula”. I had to assess the already existing methods of heat stability measurement within different teams and locations of the company and find the most suitable method of heat stability in a lab-scale for liquid infant milk formula products. Liquid Infant milk formula is a special ready to drink product category with low dry matter content (usually 10% - 16%). The project aimed to optimize the recipe formulation process to avoid fouling issues that take place during pilot and factory productions of infant formula in the company.

The thesis project was interesting, exciting and challenging at the same time which involved a lot of lab experiments as well as pilot plant production of the samples. It also involved visits to different R & D locations of the company. The project enhanced my analytical and research skills as well as the soft skills required for my future career.

FIPDes for me has been one of the most exciting, unforgettable and life-changing two years master journey. This journey was full of excitement, joy, happiness, craziness, and surprises providing me the opportunity to explore the world and meet many new people and taste many different cuisines from all over the world. FIPDes have given me a new life by helping me grow both personally and professionally. It has opened doors for new opportunities in life by enhancing my skills and knowledge which I am sure to utilize in the future. It has made me strong and powerful both internally and externally by exposing me to new changing environment, culture, tradition and food because of which I am sure to live and sustain my life very well in any corner of the world. I have learned to be self-dependent and deal with any obstacles that come across my way to live a healthy, happy and successful life.

For now, I am actively looking for future job opportunities in the vast ocean of food science to create better, healthy and sustainable nourishing food products to enhance the quality of human life.

Pictures by Samsul Arifin

- Updated October 2019 -