FIPDes Day 2017

The FIPDes Day took take place on 7th of September in Paris

The FIPDes Day is an international seminar on the cutting-edge topics in the fields of Food Innovation and Product Design in the frame of the Erasmus Mundus Master FIPDes.
The programme includes lectures by renowned key speakers, flash presentations by MSc. students, Poster sessions and exhibitions of concepts by the students.

“FIPDes week: full of activities, learning, networking and of course all about food. This year as well we had a great pleasure to be present in this wonderful event lasting the whole week and accomplishing with the FIPDes day and graduation ceremony. We learnt a lot, after 2 amazing years of FIPDes experience new graduates from cohort 5 proudly demonstrated their Master theses, 23 themes concerning food challenges and nowadays problems. Moreover, all of us had opportunity to experience the worldwide companies’ presentations concerning innovational approaches to nowadays food issues. Additionally, it was a great chance to develop our communication and networking skills, it is internship hunting time!!! Thanks FIPDes team for all of this amazing experience!!!”
Taguhi Harutyunyan, cohort 6

FIPDes day was an amazing opportunity to see the resolution of projects of our fellow FIPDes graduates and helped me solve the inquiries I had about the type of topics I can aim for my second year. It was also very enriching to network with the companies that attended the event for future internships.”
Fernando Guardiola, cohort 7

FIPDes Day was just the beggining of this amazing Erasmus Mundus Master experience. I enjoyed being able to listen to lectures from influential professionals from important food business companies and universities. Getting their input on trends, research studies, and other topics related to the food industry was very interesting to me. Also knowing students from other Cohorts, the professors and staff that provided their advice and experiences in FIPDes was great. FIPDes day was an amazing experience!”
Elena Araujo, cohort 7

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