Grade systems

Each university of the consortium has a different grade system. In the tables below, you can see what the grades correspond to in each institution.

Grade Signification
16-20 Excellent
15-15,99 Very good
11-14,99 Good
10-10,99 Sufficient-Passing
Technological University Dublin
Grade Signification
70-100% Excellent
60-69% Very good
50-59% Good
40-49% Sufficient-Passing
Faculty of Engineering, Lund University
Grade Signification
5 Excellent
4 Very good - Good
3 Sufficient-Passing

More information about the academic rules in Lund here

Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II (UNINA)
Grade Signification
30-30 Excellent
27-29 Very good
21-26 Good
18-20 Sufficient-Passing

- Updated September 2020 -