Short-term scholarships for Invited Professors

Short-term Scholarships for Invited Professors

Scholarships can be awarded to Invited Professors who will be selected by the FIPDes Consortium to contribute to the joint programme.

The selected Invited Professors will carry out research or teaching assignments as part of the FIPDes Master Course.

Invited Professors receive a flat contribution per day which covers installation costs and working fees (travel days are inclunded in the scholarship) as follows:
1 day: 250€
2 days: 500€
3 days: 750€
4 days: 1000€
5 days: 1250€
From 6 to 8 days: 1500€

AgroParisTech will cover the transportation expenses.

The Professor can intervene during the Introduction Module in Paris and/or during the two years of the master in the Consortium universities (Paris, Dublin, Lund, Naples). The participation can be teaching of specific classes, leading and participating in seminars or workshops, monitoring and tutoring student research/project activities, participating in thesis reviews, preparing new teaching modules, etc.

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Invited Professors should demonstrate outstanding academic and/or professional experience and bring concrete added value to the course and students . The required experience is five years of teaching in the relevant field or well-documented professional experience.

If you want to apply, please fill the application form and enclose your CV and Project Letter. All documents can be sent to the FIPDes Secretary fipdes[at]

We advise you to contact directly the research & teaching teams of the partner universities to build your project.

Download the application form

FIPDes Scholarship Application Form

- Updated March 2022 -