The Cookbook Initiative

The idea of making a "FIPDes Cookbook" was given by Roisin Gallagher (student from Cohort 9) after the traditional International Lunch we have in AgroParisTech during the first semester.

The first objective of the project was to get at least one recipe from each country of origin of the FIPDes students and alumni, i.e. more than 60 countries. We ended up with around 100 recipes.

The book was developed in lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic during which Roisin made all the recipes that she styled and photographed.
"I tried my best to find recipes from all previous students and where this was not possible, I took inspiration from original recipes to recreate my own. (...) Improvising and adapting are hallmarks of good cooking. The most important thing is not always striving for perfection or authenticity. It is simply deciding to cook and share." Roisin Gallagher, FIPDes student, Cohort 9.

The Cooking Passport - A collaborative work
Editors, designers and scientific writers (students from Cohort 9) joined the project later to make it even more professional:
"In line with the mission of the FIPDes Master, we have designed this book so that the selected recipes are an opportunity to explain underlying scientific phenomena and provide an insight of the use of specific ingredients and processes for more sustainable production and consumption of our food." (Barbara Rega, FIPDes Coordinator).

"Above all, this book is for me an example of a great collaborative project arrived at the right time to motivate and tighten the links among the students who were confined during spring 2020 because of the Covid19 pandemic. (...) These enthusiastic and determined students worked collaboratively across borders during the pandemic with surprising skills and professionalism. I invite you to meet all the team at the end of this book. I and my fellow members of the FIPDes Consortium had great joy in accompanying this project and working with these fantastic students!" (Barbara Rega, FIPDes Coordinator)

The FIPDes Consortium has accompanied this project, with regular online meetings in autumn 2020 and spring 2021, discussing content, deadlines, printing, copyright, etc. We managed to publish the book for the FIPDes 10th Anniversary which took place in early September 2021. The Cooking Passport was the gift for each guest invited to this celebration.

Learn more about the book here

- Updated December 2022 -