Graduation 2018

Congratulations to Cohort 6!

The graduation of FIPDes Cohort 6 took place on the 7th of September in Paris!

The 20 students of FIPDes Cohort 6 received their diploma at the Fondation Biermans-Lapôtre (Belgium house) in the Cité Universitaire in Paris.
On this occasion, FIPDes was honoured to have the following guests as speakers:
Diane Miller, Director of Fondation Biermans-Lapôtre
Gilles Trystram, General Director of AgroParisTech
Emilia Gatto, General Consul of Italy in France
Christine Voelkl, EACEA Project Adviser – Erasmus +, EMJMDs

Watch the whole graduation ceremony

Student Testimonial from Zhuxuezhi ZHAO (Spencer)

I am Spencer Zhao from China mainland. I am specialized in Food Packaging and Logistics for the second year in Lund University.

The first year starts with various group activities like bateaux-mouches and cross-culture lessons to break ice and allow us to understand the diverse culture of more than 10 countries. Then the combination of theoretical engineering lessons and practical company/factory visits brought plenty of inspiring insights for us and let us fully understand how technology is applied properly to industry. Moreover, the interesting projects encouraged us to enhance our team-working/project management/presentation skills, which are highly required in our future career.

The second year in Lund University, Sweden, is my favourite time in FIPDes journey. Apart from the colourful student activities like mountain climbing, hiking and guided tour within Lund, the lectures and company visits are closely linked to the packaging industry. Also I would like to say great thanks to our coordinators in Lund because they gave me a lot of support and help when I was bullied by the local Swedish students and had difficulties in visa extensions.

All in all, this fascinating journey always takes an important space in my heart. Thanks to this amazing experience, I am now working in Netherlands as a food packaging specialist.
I keep recording the colourful life in Europe in my blog ever since I joined FIPDes.
Here is the link to check all the articles so far, Google translation helps a lot to translate them into English, hope you enjoy just as what I do.

Student Testimonial from Taguhi HARUTYUNYAN

I am Taguhi, from Armenia, and I have joined FIPDes family on 2016. For my second year the destiny brought me back to Paris, AgroParisTech, to continue my FIPDes journey, life and knowledge experience in Food Engineering and Product Design specialization.

The latest experience was accomplished with the courses such as Physical Chemistry, Molecular Gastronomy, Chemical reactivity in food and more. Among all of these I would love to emphasize the team works we carried out through the whole third semester which brought us profound knowledge and nurtured us as team players. I appreciate these values extremely high, hence we got ready for our internships not only in terms of science but also as fellow members of the company.

I did my internship at the MIDEAL (Management et Innovation Durable des Entreprises Alimentaires), AgroParisTech on the topic of “Ecosystem of Food startup development”. Throughout six months have implemented a deep research regarding innovation ecosystems and handled a number interviews with very first /and not only / stakeholders of incubators, accelerators and FabLabs. I have raised a concrete knowledge in food innovation environment, self-motivation and multiplied my passion towards entrepreneurship and open innovation.

For now, I am in active search of job in the food world to bust and make alive the most challengeable environment’s innovations.

And finally, two years of FIPDes made me recognize a whole life: knowledge, experience, different mindset, self-confidence, desire of learning French language, friends and not only.

- Updated December 2018 -