How to become a partner ?

A network of strategic partners

FIPDes is supported by a network of strategic academic, research and industrial Associated Partners. The substantial input of professionals in the FIPDes Master Course contributes to making FIPDes a professionalizing training programme adapted to today’s and tomorrow’s market needs and challenges in food innovation and product design.

An associated partner is an organisation wishing to contribute to the promotion, implementation, monitoring, evaluation activities and/or sustainable development of the Master Course. It is expected to contribute to the strategies developed by the master course in particular as regards the course sustainability and the students’ employability. Finally, it brings professional competences and collaboration opportunities to the programme.

Become a partner

Members of academic, research or industrial institution interested in participating to the FIPDes programme should contact the FIPDes Secretariat or the local FIPDes representative. The local FIPDes representative will contact them to discuss the possibilities of collaboration.

Associated Partners Input

An Associate Partner has no financial obligations although it is expected that the Institution takes the opportunity to contribute to the training of top-level students in the field of food innovation choosing one or more of the following actions:

 1 Contribute to the training activities and employability issues

  • Organise visits, on-site training
  • Participate to summer school events, scientific workshops
  • Participate to seminaries about socio-economic issues, career possibilities, valorisation and transfer of knowledge, intellectual properties issues
  • Propose topics for student projects to be performed at the University
  • Welcome students for their master thesis internship or summer internship

 2 Contribute to the sustainability of the programme

  • Funding fellowships for students
  • Supporting scholarship for invited professor
  • Sponsoring summer school or scientific workshops

 3 Contribute to the dissemination of the programme

  • Promotion of the programme inside and outside your home Institution and Country
  • Circulation of job offers inside the FIPDes student LinkedIn network

 4 Contribute to the course assessment

  • Participation to the FIPDes advisory board and give inputs to the teaching programme

- Updated October 2015 -