FIPDes Day 2015

International Talents in Food Innovation and Product Design

Global Rise of Food Innovation

The FIPDes Day 2015 was a great success!

FIPDes showed its ENJOINTNESS in different manners

— > International renowned key note speakers

— > FIPDes students, cohort 3 presenting their Master thesis

— > New: job-dating with FIPDes partners: Danone and Lesaffre

— > New: Launching of FPDA: the new FIPDes Alumni Association

Agroparistech (France), Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland), Lund University (Sweden) and Università Federico II di Napoli (Italy), welcomed more than 100 people for the FIPDes Day 2015!

The FIPDes Day is an international seminar on the cutting-edge topics in the fields of Food Innovation and Product Design in the frame of the Erasmus Mundus Master FIPDes.

As an international master program, FIPDes has the advantage of gathering worldwide top-level students. This year, 25 students with different background constitute cohort 5. The first day of the FIPDes week was the welcoming of the new cohort students, the diversity among students represented the nature of this program, which is to absorb international talents for promoting food innovation and product design. It is necessary to mention the seminars during the FIPDes week, which provided a good stage for students and professors to exchange opinions. Sharing different ideas is the most enjoyable moment, and this may be the start of innovation. The highlight of FIPDes week must be the FIPDes day, it was held on 3rd September at AgroParisTech. The FIPDes day was divided into five sessions. Keynote speakers from France, Italy, Sweden and Indonesia expressed impressive concepts about the topic ‘Global rise of food innovation’ from five different aspects. Flash presentations from the FIPDes graduates about their master theses were parts of each session. Also, the interaction with food companies, like Danone and Lesaffre, was a unique opportunity for FIPDes students building their future career. The last day of FIPDes week may be the most memorable day. This diploma ceremony was a moment to witness the FIPDes graduates’ success. This also represented the beginning of their bright future.
Ting Chen (FIPDes student 2014-2016)

Article about FIPDes Graduation ceremony: here

“I just wanted to congratulate the organizers of the FIPDes Day that I found particularly interesting with many scientific exchanges on students research. What you were able to build in only few years is really amazing.
And I encourage you to continue in this direction for the next editions."

Cyril Chaudemanche (Yoplait, FIPDes Associate Partner)

It was a pleasure to be involved and take a part in such excellent FIPDes activities again. I would like to say thank you very much to make such a great and tremendous work, that you have been done to make FIPDes astonishing and really outstanding program in Erasmus+! I saw such a great improvement in terms of the program contents, student’s activities, student’s life and their projects. Getting more both academic and industrial involvement on-board makes this program unique and really international, compared to other programmes. I really heard positive feedback from each student - indicating how happy they were to be involved as master students and follow the FIPDes journey both for their professional and personal experiences (which i also felt!)
A big applause for you all to make the program completely bright, shine and super astonishing!

Ervina (FIPDes Associate Academic Partner with Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences and FIPDes Alumni)

FIPDes Day was an outstanding experience! Many people from Danone and Lesaffre stopped just to tell me how well the event was organized and how much they were blown away by students’ presentations. Truly great job by FIPDes Consortium and FIPDes students! We are building a FIPDes brand stronger and stronger each year!

Mihajlo Vucetic (FIPDes graduate 2015)

Thanks to Danone and Lesaffre, this year FIPDes created a JOB DATING opportunity for students and graduates!

Lesaffre sponsored the price, a GoPro camera for the "Best Poster" = Mihajlo Vucetic

and "Best Flash Presentation" Award = Vita Jarolimkova

"Best Master Thesis Picture" = Gabriela Lara del Rio and Erliza Karen Cabisidan

Pictures by Erik Andersson, Merve Çiftci and Mihajlo Vucetic

Detailed program available here:

(September 2015)

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