FIPDA Alumni Association

FIPDes Alumni Association

The FIPDes Alumni Association (FIPDA) represents the graduates and alumni of the FIPDes Master Programme.

FIPDA has been launched on September 3rd, 2015 during the FIPDes Day!

The member of the board are :
Alberto Gonzalez Jordan (cohort 1), President
Gerald Marin (cohort 3), Vice-president
Santika Karunika (cohort 4), Secretary
Mustafa Bombaywala (cohort 2), Treasurer
Siddharth Sharan (cohort 5), Head of Communication

The Association aims to:

  • Gather its members together and to promote friendship and mutual help
  • Help those who need it both professionally and personally
  • Contribute decisively to job seeking; facilitates access to first job; and enhance professional growth
  • Promote FIPDes and its values
  • Represent the graduates in national and international associations in the same or related fields as well as in other European high education associations/initiatives.
  • Contribute to FIPDes sustainability and development; increase FIPDes influence
  • Contribute to the achievement of FIPDes objectives and goals

The Association aims to develop the following activities designed to:

  • Establish synergies with the Coordinating and Partner institutions. Particularly, supporting the FIPDes Committee in: defining guidelines and action plans; choosing the best policy of internal and external communication; promoting a fulfilling student life
  • Ensure friendship and solidarity among its members
  • Assist members to find a job
  • Develop and strengthen relationships with the professional world (Industry and professional partners)
  • Promote FIPDes internationally

- Updated September 2016 -