Associate members

Master Food Innovation & Product Design and its strategic partners

FIPDes is supported by an international network of more than 20 strategic partners from academic, research and industrial bodies.

The close relationship with several R&D food industries and research institutions makes the curriculum especially designed to take into consideration the needs of potential employers.
Several partners contribute to the education and career development leading to gain professional competences and enhancing student’s employability. They act in training, promoting, sponsoring and advisory activities to make FIPDes a professional training programme adapted to today’s and tomorrow’s market needs.

A network of extra-European Universities is involved in the FIPDes course to open to the global food issue.

These associate partners contribute to the dissemination of the course inside and outside Europe and propose research training possibilities.

European Research partnersTeagasc (Ireland)
INRA (France)
Equipe de Gastronomie Moléculaire Hervé This
CNR (Italy) Istituto Di Scienze dell’Alimentazione
Academic partnersUniversité Saint-Esprit de Kaslik (Lebanon),
Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina),
São Paulo University (Brazil),
Hanyang University (Korea),
Universidad Simon Bolivar (Venezuela),
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (Chile),
Stellenbosch University (South Africa)
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Australia)
Queensland University of Technology (Australia)
Michigan State University (United States)
Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences (Indonesia)
Industrial partnersDanone
illycaffè SpA
Krinova Incubator and Science Park

Here you can see the full list of all FIPDes industrial partners

FIPDes Academic Associate Partners are involved at different stages and moments of the FIPDes activities:

  • Dissemination and advisory activities for internal FIPDes candidates.
  • Teaching and tutoring during FIPDes modules and projects.
  • External Quality Assessment.
  • Participation to the Summer School and Introduction Module.
  • Offering positions for Summer and Master thesis internships.
  • Setting up joint MSc thesis subjects in the frame of collaborative research projects with the FIPDes Universities.

If you wish to contribute to FIPDes, please contact the FIPDes Secretariat.

Contributions may include: on-site training, participation to scientific worshops and FIPDes Day, topic proposal for Master Thesis, sponsorship of students or events, circulation of job or internship proposal, dissemination of the programme, contribution to the quality assessment, etc.

- Updated January 2017 -