Pizza Day at UNINA

Our tastiest day at UNINA!

On Wednesday 12th October, FIPDes students and some of the Erasmus students from UNINA went to Napoli in order to learn more about real Neapolitan pizza. To do so, they were invited to the quarters of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, where they learned more about the history of the pizza, from its invention to the creation of the Associazione. It was first a type of bread consumed by the poorer people that was cooked in collective ovens, and every family brought their own dough and toppings. At that time, only the “pizza bianca” existed, as tomatoes only arrived in Europe in the 18th century and used as exotic ornaments but not consumed. The “pizza rossa” really took off with the creation of the margherita, topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil, the colours of Italy, for the visit of queen Margherita in Napoli in 1889. In December 2017, UNESCO finally announces that this culinary know-how of the Neapolitan pizza enters the Intangible Heritage of Humanity.
After the theoretical part, the students were invited to see how a real Neapolitan pizza is done and try it by themselves, going from kneading the dough to cooking their pizza (margherita or marinara) before digging in. That day, they became friends of Vera Pizza Napoletana and ambassadors of this great dish.

Lucie Chopin, Cohort 10, Germany
“My favourite food in the world was pizza, as you can literally put anything on it and make it taste good. But that day I learned that with the right dough and only a few ingredients, you’re able to create one of the best pizzas in the world. Less is better this time!” Lucie Chopin
“To experience the softness of the dough, the warmth of the oven, and taste the simplicity yet complex harmonization of the pizza ingredients was fascinating. I used to think that more ingredients made better pizzas but Napoli has changed my mindset. With joy and pride, I learned about the ancient relationship and protagonism of the Peruvian tomato in the invention of the vera pizza Napoletana” Maria Grazzia
“It was a great experience to spend the day in the Association. They are guardians of the true Neapolitan Pizza procedure, and the repercussion of this protection is very important for the pizzaiolos and Campania region! More than ensuring that pizzas are made and processed in an artisan way, with local ingredients (extra-virgin olive oil, buffalo mozzarella cheese and San Marzano tomatoes), the initiatives resulted in a D.O.C. certification and international recognition. After doing my own pizza, learning the procedure and food technology behind each step, I ended my day with a great feeling that learning tradition gives us tools to innovate in the future with passion" Nathalia Baptista
“To be able to learn from the best, and to have them by our side, made the experience of making pizza a really fun one! We appreciated the simplicity, versatility and importance of pizzas, through an authentic Italian lens. I think it’s really important to understand where the food comes from, and how it came to be, in order to embrace tradition and enjoy a delicious meal!” David Martinez
“Learning about the history of Neapolitan Pizza, then getting the chance to make your own pizza with the scientific & artistic guidance from the expert, this experience was educating and exciting at the same time. "The best Marinara Pizza I’ve ever had", is not just an expression, but a sincere compliment.” Nita Ear
“I used to love pizza before coming to Napoli, but now I love it even more. Marinara pizza, with just 3-4 ingredients on top, is nothing but a high-quality pizza. For this, we learned that the quality of the ingredients is an essential component of this recipe (and mainly all recipes) not to mention the pizza dough, which is a mix of food science, art and passion. Getting to know the history behind these beloved creations makes even better our experience and connection with Italy and the Associazione. La vera pizza napoletana rimarrà per sempre nel mio cuore “ Gabriela Cortez

- Updated December 2022 -