Hack the Food Hack!

In November, FIPDes students had to opportunity to participate to an online workshop organized by Krinova called “Hack the Food Hack”. Krinova is a Swedish incubator and science park that holds each year a Food Hackathon event for students to which FIPDes usually participates.
The 2021 event with the theme “Resilience in changing food systems” was postponed this year but FIPDes students were invited to a special workshop to get a chance to be involved in the planning of the event in the future – what it should look like, what the theme should be, etc.
The event was planned around workshops allowing the students to think about the Food Industry for example the global situation, the challenges and trends.
Thank you to our academic partner – Lund University, and Krinova for organizing this event!

- Updated January 2022 -