Food development fair 2018

Showcase in DIT, May 2018

Final presentation of the new products made by the FIPDes M1 students!

FIPDes students from Cohort 7 showcased their new prototype on 2018, 2nd of may.
It was a wonderful event showing the culinary skills and the food business expertise students have learned during the semester in Dublin Institute of Technologies in Ireland. This year was the biggest event to date with almost 50 students presenting their newly developed prototypes.
Students from FIPDes were joined by the MSc in Culinary innovation and Food Product Development and also our colleagues from Canada; Tony, Michael and Jason with eight students from the Georgian College

Every product was surprising and project well managing, and posters, sample and demonstration were presented. Many students focused on sustainability, local sourcing, health products and new super ingredients. For example, Froots, a juice with roots vegetable, frozen yoghourt with pistachio and spirulina, instant noodles with cricket flour, Hempy latte, a special drink with hemp seed… it was full of ideas ! Congratulations to all !

His Excellency Kevin Vickers Canadian Ambassador to Ireland attended a reception and as introduced to the judges, colleagues and our visitors from Georgian college who are participating in the event along with our students. Ambassador Vickers then opened the showcase and took time from his busy schedule to talk to the students and taste the products that they had been working on during this module.

The real work then began, it was a tense afternoon as the judges began a two hour session of meeting the students, interviewing and tasting the newly developed products. After much deliberation the results were announce and two very popular winners came forward to receive their prizes. The prototypes most likely to succeed were: There was also a presentation to our colleague John Clancy as this was his last class before his retirement, we hope to see John back to the showcase as a judge in the coming years.

The winner from the MSc FIPDes was Delight Naana Datsomor with her “Evie’s Mango Dressing and Sandwich spread” ! This is described as a dressing similar to mayonnaise but using mango.


- Updated June 2018 -