Food Factory 4 Us Competition 2020

A series of development from ISEKI-Food Association has been conducted for Master students worldwide for 4.5 months!

Since 2017, ISEKI-Food Association organise a competition named FoodFactory-4-Us. The theme for this year is Sustainable Supply Chain, focusing on how ancient grains can contribute to improve cereals sustainability. There were 14 groups with more than 50 Master students selected to develop their ideas into project proposal and presentation. What I am proud of, seven of the 14 groups (yes 50% of it) were FIPDes students, two from Cohort 8 five from Cohort 9. Amaaaazing scientists we are!

Different than other competitions, the FoodFactory-4-Us provides regular online training before the final presentation. The training was related to current research, virtual visit to laboratories and even soft skills. To give a concise pitch for 10 minutes with 20 presentation slides in the competition, sure we did need experts to teach us how.

As the final presentation was done on March 6th, I am feeling humbled to be the first winner together with Sisca and Bright as the ‘Amamillet’ team. We proposed a solution of a new extruded snack utilising amaranth and millet to combat double burden of malnutrition and improve cereal sustainability. The final presentation is available online here.

What’s more interesting, because the final results were so close, the committee of FoodFactory-4-Us has decided the ‘KinwaPak’ team as the second winner (I heard FIPDes is mentioned once again)!! Congratulations Eduardo, Imothes, Lucas, and Maria Renée from Cohort 9!

Beyond that, all students presented very brilliant ideas. Imagine that everyone could proceed the projects further into reality, how much the impact would be for the environment. I do believe that our fight for a better earth doesn’t stop here. Now we can do a greater work together.

Elsa Safira Kinanti, Indonesia, Cohort 9

- Updated July 2020 -