Students of Food Innovation and Product Design (FIPDes) presented their final products!

FIPDes students from Cohort 8 showcased their new prototypes on the 8th of May.
This annual event takes place in The School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology, Technological University of Dublin. The students have the opportunity to show the culinary skills and food business expertise they have learned during the semester. Each FIPDes student showcased their newly developed food products with a poster and samples of their products which were novel and innovative! Congratulations to all!

Many students focused on meat replacement, sustainability and health products. They presented a range of various products such as jelly gums with protein, fermented oat yoghurt, nuggets from jackfruits and veggie eggie made from Okara.
During the afternoon, the judges came to all the tables to meet and interview the students and taste the newly developed products. The judges for the M.Sc. showcase were Julie Delany, Brand Manager, Blenders; Úna Lynch (Stafford Lynch); Paddy Brady (Master Foods and Panel of Chefs) and John Clancy (World Association of Chefs Societies, (WACS). There were 4 internal judges from the School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology.

After a long deliberation, the results for the “Product Most Likely to Succeed in The Market Place” were given! The final prize went to Maria Gavilanes, who developed Greenanas. The product is an exotic combination of plantain and Andean grains (quinoa, amaranth and canihua), with a classic onion-garlic flavor, shaped on crunchy, baked bites. Greenanas are high in protein, fiber and iron; and, they are source of Potassium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin B6 and B9. Greenanas´ intention is to bring the high nutritional value of plantain and Andean grains, into a commercial product for the Irish market. The innovation and business potential of her product were a winning combination.


- Updated July 2019 -