Cohort 8 in Lund

Cohort 8 Finally in Lund!!!

After a long two months’ vacation, rigorous visa processes, hot summer and loads of travels, Cohort 8 finally arrived in Lund, the cute-smart college town in the south of Sweden.

“Waiting at the train station on Lund University Arrival Day”

20th of August every year in LU is known as the Arrival day. This is the day when most students arrive in Lund, get their welcome kit, register themselves and get a key to their accommodation.
After settling for a few days, we finally got to meet Erik and Jenny during the ‘Introduction week’.

From Left: Jenny, Nalaputi, Elif, MaPrang, Roxane, Erik, Sonika and Lukas
“First meeting of Cohort 8 with FIPDes course coordinators in Lund University- Jenny and Erik”

The introduction week is alternative name for the induction week. It is full of information about Lund, Swedish culture and sometimes events with ‘Fikas’ that helps students settle here without feeling homesick. Fun activities, excursions and option of join various LU organizations like Student Union, Nations, Guilds etc. are also provided during this time.

From Left: Lukas, MaPrang, Roxane, Kyriaki, Ashri, Jan, Elif, Sonika and Nalaputi
“Cohort 8 + Cohort 7 = Picnic”

We are constantly reminded of enjoying the blessed sunny weather here in Lund, while it lasts and that’s what we did in the StadsPark or the city park in Lund last Thursday. We met Kyriaki, Ashri and Jan from Cohort 7, who we were lucky to catch-up with while they are still here. A small picnic followed full of laughter and stories of their experiences in Lund.

‘Swedish Course book’

Our whole class was enrolled in Swedish Introductory Language Class during the Introduction week. It was rather fun to learn the basics. Swedish is a melodious language and uses a lot of charming words like ‘Hej (Hey) and Tack (Thank you)’. In spite of being a Germanic language, it has a surprisingly simpler grammar at beginner level and easy to learn sentence structure. Most of the time we can get by with speaking English as almost everyone can speak perfect English in Sweden but Swedish has an allure of its own!

“In the pilot plant of TetraPak, understanding the stepwise technology used to make the packaging for liquid foods”

Our final day of Introduction week ended with a much-awaited visit to TetraPak, a company that changed the way we consume food. The innovation of TetraPak’s first tetrahedron packaging started here in Lund. The pack was named ‘Tetra Classic’ was called “a perfect application of a mathematical problem” by Niels Bohr, a Nobel prize winner and Physics Professor.
Our visit started with understanding the business, processing and technology, role in sustainability and ended with a visit to the pilot plant and Swedish Fika. It was a very useful visit for our class especially just before we start the course in ‘Food Packaging Innovation’, as it is impactful in understating the forthcoming courses better. Overall, big thumbs up to FIPDes for this visit! Cheers!

“A day at TetraPak”

Now we are very much looking forward to the classes that begins on 2nd September and the activities we will be participating throughout the semester. Tack and Hej for now!!!

Sonika Singh, India, Cohort 8

- Updated September 2019 -