Master Thesis

All FIPDes students write their Master thesis in the fourth semester.

Fourth semester (M2): MSc. Thesis worldwide, according to third semester specialisation and local rules

The students dedicate their final semester to their MSc Thesis. According to the second year host institution, the MSc. Thesis might lead to an industrial or research-based placement in private or accademic R&D laboratory in a partner’s or associate member’s institution. A list of all Master thesis completed in 2013 and 2014 is published below.
The Master thesis are always linked to the second year specializations. Normally internships are included, but there are differences in each country, according to the local rules. According to french law for example, internships in France which are longer than two months are paid a minimum salary (about 500€).

Here you can find a description about Master Thesis procedures & rules in:

  • General (common FIPDes rules):
    PDF - 468.6 kb
  • AgroParisTech:
    PDF - 299.4 kb

  • UNINA:
    PDF - 252.1 kb

  • Lund :
    PDF - 127.8 kb

- Updated July 2018 -