Exhibition "Food Revolution 5.0 Design for Tomorrow’s Society" - 2017

At MKG museum of Hamburg, Germany from May 19th to October 26th, 2017

FIPDes was contacted by the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe (MKG) of Hamburg to participate to the exhibition entitled: “Food Revolution 5.0. Design for Tomorrow’s Society”.

The director of AgroParisTech (Gilles Trystram) wrote an article for the exhibition catalogue. Erik Andersson (FIPDes local coordinator at Lund University) participated to a meeting to prepare the exhibition and made a poster which was hanged in the exhibition. FoPo the FIPDes start-up had its own poster too.

"Among many other, really fascinating, sometimes hard to believe future food trends like virtual reality for chickens, human self-grown algae or insect or mushroom production in your kitchen drawer, you can visit the exhibition starting today, 19th of May until 29th of October."
Adriana Balazy, FIPDes Cohort 3, FoPo member

- Updated October 2018 -